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Wild Horse Photography: 11 Ways To Create An Art Sanctuary in Your Living Space

a metal piece of a black and white wild horse hanging on a white wall

Photo Credit: Wild Horse Photographer Maria Marriott

“I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes.

Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of

a horse running free.”

Author Unknown

If you're like me, you possess an unquenchable thirst for the unexplored corners of our beautiful nation and a fascination with the wild, especially with America’s wild horses.

Horses, particularly the wild ones, are an undeniable attraction for those fortunate enough to witness them in their natural habitat. As photography has been a lifelong passion for me, intertwined with my love for equestrian life, the challenge of creating great photographic art from what I observe in the wild has become a quest.

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned about transforming my living space into a wild art sanctuary—and how you can create a place of inspiration in your own home, where the spirit of the wild roams freely alongside your imagination through wild horse photography.

But before talking specifically about wild horse fine art, let’s explore the importance of incorporating art (in general) into your living space.

The Importance of Art in Your Home…

I think we know it intuitively, but many haven’t thought at length about the importance of art in our homes. Probably because we interact with art mainly on an emotional level - we like a certain piece and it makes us feel a certain way. To give voice to a more rational reason might take away from the more powerful emotional reasons we choose to surround ourselves with beauty.

But, clearly, there are good reasons to bring art into our homes and offices.

1. Aesthetics

Incorporating art into one's home instantly enhances the visual appeal of the space. Art pieces, whether paintings, sculptures, or photographs, add depth, color, texture and mood to the surroundings, creating a more vibrant and visually engaging environment.

2. Personal Expression

Art allows you to express your unique personality, voice, and tastes. By carefully selecting pieces that resonate strongly, you can curate a space that reflects your own personal style, interests, and values, making your home truly a reflection of you - in my case, all kinds of wild horse art.

3. Emotional Impact

Art has a profound emotional impact and causes us to perceive in new ways. It can bring joy, tranquility, inspiration, and even provoke thought and introspection. By incorporating meaningful art into your home, an emotional connection develops with your living space, promoting a sense of well-being and contentment.

a large picture of a wild horse by maria marriott wild horse photographer over a long white sofa

Photo Credit: Wild Horse Photographer Maria Marriott

4. Conversation Starter

Art has the power to spark conversations and stimulate discussions. I have seen this time and again when displaying wild horse art. By having thought-provoking or intriguing pieces on our walls, we encourage others to engage in dialogue, sharing their perspectives and interpretations. This fosters a welcoming and intellectually stimulating atmosphere, provoked by great art.

5. Cultural Enrichment

Art is a gateway to different cultures, traditions, and historical periods. By sharing art from various artists and styles, we expand our cultural horizons. This exposure to diverse art forms can enhance one's appreciation for different artistic expressions, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to the world around us.

Wild horse artwork has been to me and many of my collectors a unique power to deeply connect with the natural world. It always amazes me how a certain image can transport you to the open plains, awaken a sense of wonder and reverence. And, as mentioned above, wild horse fine art often serves as a conversation starter and a source of reflection, leading to a conversation about the importance of their preservation.

How to Incorporate Wild Horse Photography Into Your Space

Without overstating things, I think we can agree that incorporating wild horse art into one’s home can be an affirmation of your appreciation for nature's beauty, a celebration of artistic excellence, and a declaration of your commitment to preserving the untamed spirit of the wild.

Working with art consultants and many of their clients over the past few years helped me figure out a few important points about how to incorporate the art of the wild.

Consider the following as you create your own window to the American wild:

1. Start With A Mood

Mood, theme, ambience, a certain aesthetic… I’m going to call it a “mood” for the sake of simplicity. Thinking about the mood you want to reflect in your space is a good place to start.

wild horse photography of wild stallion touching a wild mare nose to nose

Photo Credit: Wild Horse Photographer Maria Marriott

In my home, as an example, I want to create a casually elegant atmosphere where guests feel at home, which combines elements of the wild and my travels. Too often in the past, I’ve gotten hung up on whether something coordinates with something else, or whether something works with my color scheme.

I’ve come to realize that coordination is of only secondary importance. As one of my good friends says, “There isn’t anything a can of paint can’t fix. With a little paint, you can create a gallery wall or accent wall in an afternoon, tying everything together.”

So, in selecting artwork for my home, I don’t worry about color so much as “mood”. It is much more important to select artistic work you like and work from there.

2. Select the Right Pieces

Art consultant, Alan Hammond, who I have worked with many times over the years, gives some good advice regarding selecting art for your home: “If it makes you feel good, then it’s right. That would be the best criteria [for selecting artwork].” And I think he is right…

Appreciation of art is highly subjective and what moves you is likely different than what moves someone else. This is a good thing, actually, because your home should be a reflection of you and your individual tastes, not a reflection of someone else. So, select subject matter (or lack of subject matter) that suits you and helps establish the mood you are trying to achieve.

But in your selection process, be highly conscious of the quality of the pieces you choose (both the technical execution and the production quality); purchasing high quality art usually requires an investment. High price doesn’t always equate to high quality; however, low prices and discounts can give you an indication that a piece may not hold, or appreciate, in value.

3. The Power of Statement Pieces

Many times, to set the mood of a room (or home), a prominent statement piece is used. A statement piece, and its placement, is designed to draw maximum attention.

Many of my clients have used large scale pieces to create a statement in their foyers or main living areas. Five to nine feet across, these very large pieces of wild horse art become the focal point of a room. Specific works that have been used to great effect as statement pieces in my clients’ homes are Tango, Blue’s Band, and Fairies.

wild horse artwork hanging over a couch

Photo Credit: Wild Horse Photographer Maria Marriott

4. Mix and Match Mediums

This is one of the most fun (and challenging) parts… Don't confine yourself to photography alone. Infuse a medley of mediums, from paintings and sculptures to textiles that feature wild horses. This diversity adds depth and complexity to your sanctuary, culminating in a multi-layered exploration of your topic.

For example, a client I’m working with in Africa would like to combine her love of wild horses with an appreciation of African wildlife. Using several large scale photographic pieces, the plan is to incorporate on of my wild horse photographs with other photographic art and paintings featuring the African “big 5”. Tribal sculptures and artifacts could be also utilized to round out the theme.

5. Textural Diversity

I’m also a big fan of juxtaposing dissimilar textures in a room. The “mood” I’ve adopted for my home combines elements of both elegance and the raw wild. I like seeing the simple sophistication of a gallery-framed black and white image contrasting with raw materials like wood, stone, jute, or leather. Likewise, a smooth bronze sculpture paired with a large-scale rustic image that shows a lot of texture (such as Cremello Dust) brings a naturally pleasant tension.

These tactile materials introduce warmth and authenticity to your space, forging a harmonious alliance with the more modern look of gallery-framed or dye-sublimation aluminum wild horse art pieces on your walls.

a wild horse shaking his head and a lot of dust around it

Photo Credit: Wild Horse Photographer Maria Marriott

6. Crafted Illumination The right lighting can add another dimension to the space where your wild horse artwork is displayed. I like to recommend installing simple fixtures that cast an inviting glow upon, and direct attention to, your art, whether displayed on the wall or on a pedestal. Consider adjustable track lighting to accentuate specific pieces, creating a gallery-like ambiance.

7. Design a Gallery Wall of Wild Horse Art

Another alternative to displaying one large statement piece is to forge a gallery wall dedicated exclusively to wild horse art. Using a variety of smaller artworks, carefully selected around the same theme, you can combine and contrast various sizes and styles of framed pieces to craft a visually arresting display. This arrangement infuses depth and character into your room, akin to a well-curated art exhibition.

8. Accessorize!

Deliberately select accessories for your decor that harmonize with, and reinforce, your wild art theme. My own taste doesn’t allow for a lot of accessories, since I prefer a simple, clean look in my decor. But a carefully chosen accessory or two can tie your theme together and point attention to your artwork.

A blanket folded over the back of the couch with a prominent texture and subtle horse pattern… a rusted chain and horseshoe… a piece of knotted barn wood… those are a few that I’ve personally used.

Final Ideas to Complement Your Wild Horse Artwork

9. A Botanical Connection

Add a touch of the outdoors by introducing potted plants or fresh flowers that evoke the natural environment and scents for the mood you are trying to create. Remember to use elements in your design that appeal to all the senses! These natural elements not only enhance the aesthetic but also serve as a constant reminder of your muse.

a wild horse artwork hanging over an office desk

10. The Sounds of Nature

Complete the multi-sensory experience by incorporating nature soundscapes into your sanctuary. These sounds - the gentle rustling of leaves or the rushing of water over rocks in a stream - can immediately transport you to the heart of the wilderness, evoking a profound sense of tranquility.

11. A Cozy Nook for Equestrian Literature

And my husband’s favorite idea… Devote a cozy corner to literature, housing a collection of books dedicated to your theme. This space can become your personal retreat, a place to immerse yourself in the things that bring you comfort and serenity.

One Final Consideration

As you purchase art for your home, please consider supporting and connecting with artists who allocate a portion of their proceeds to the preservation of the American wild mustangs and using horse in therapy. A portion of all of my sales goes to help several worthy organizations, listed on my website. Giving back is always good!

Connect With Us!

The process of transforming your living space into a wild art sanctuary is an art form in itself. It is about crafting a space that reflects your appreciation for the natural world and the untamed beauty of the American wild.

I have dedicated my craft to portraying the essence and beauty of wild horses, hoping to bring awareness to these beautiful animals.

The wild horse fine art in my online gallery marries the intimate and minimalist composition of my images with the profound emotions they evoke. Each piece is meticulously crafted to museum-quality standards, employing archival fine art paper and ink to ensure enduring magnificence. We also offer the option of dye sublimation on aluminum for a sleeker, modern look, canvas and plexiglass upon request.

I invite you to incorporate some of these pieces into your wild art sanctuary, while at the same time actively supporting the preservation of wild mustangs.


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