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An Ode To Wild Horses


"In December 2021 I had the opportunity to collaborate with writer Elizabeth Kaye McCall on an article for "Calling All Horse Girls" magazine.  

Elizabeth Kaye McCall is a California-based author, journalist, and media consultant with a lifelong passion for horses. Her book The Tao of Horses: Exploring How Horses Guide Us on Our Spiritual Path shows how horses transform the way we see the world, interact with our environment, and handle challenges. Her articles have appeared in Cowboys & Indians, Los Angeles Times, Hana Hou!, Hemispheres, Horse Illustrated, Arabian Horse Life, America’s Horse, USA Weekend, The Hollywood Reporter, and more. It was an honor to collaborate with her on this project - sharing my experience with the wild horses along with some of my favorite mustangs images.

May this article bring you a sense of what it is to be in the presence of such amazing beings."

- Maria

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