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DISCOVER THE RAW BEAUTY of American wild horses uniquely interpreted through Maria’s intimate and minimalistic style.


Her choice of a black and white color palette, and the use of a limited number of composition elements in the wild horse photography, draws the viewer’s attention to the core of her work - the emotion each image evokes.


Embark on a journey into the world of America’s wild horses through the lens of Maria Marriott’s wild horse photography, where artistry and the untamed spirit of horses merge seamlessly.


Dedicated to her craft, Maria captures the essence and mystique of this hidden world of the American wild; a world that few experience– but those who have the privilege to see it are left in awe.


Maria’s fine art horse photography showcases a unique blend of creativity and technical excellence. With an artistic eye and a deep appreciation for the equine form, she crafts visual works of art that transport viewers into a realm where time stands still.


Dynamic compositions and intricate details bring out these wild horse moments to life. From intimate close-ups to sweeping panoramic views, every piece showcases the raw beauty, power, and strength of these American icons as they roam our Western public lands and embody the American spirit.

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