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close up of a black mustang horse

The eyes of a wild horse hold the wisdom of generations, a reflection of the landscapes they've roamed and the stories they've witnessed - the product of lessons learned and experience gained through years of survival. Through my lens, I've sought to capture the depth of their gazes, hoping to portray a glimpse into their world; and finding, at times, a deeper understanding of my own.


“The Face of Resilience” is an intimate portrait of  wild stallion “Onyx”, as many call him, from the Fish Springs range in the Pine Nut mountains of Nevada.



LOCATION: Pine Nut Mountains, Nevada

EDITION: Limited Edition of 100



2021 BIFA - Budapest International Foto Awards | Honorable Mention


  • All images are printed on 100% cotton fine art paper using archival digital pigment ink. Prints are signed by the artist and sold un-matted and unframed. A 1.5 inch border will be added to the size.


    Mounting and framing options available upon request.


    Please contact us for larger sizes.

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