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Wild horse photographer Maria Marriott walking in a field with several wild horses

 “There is a strong emotional connection between wild horses
and the American identity. As I travel the Western states tracking and photographing the American mustangs, my aim is to create artwork and tell the stories that evoke that connection.

To this end, there is a sense of both the real and the mythological in my images. Visual narratives through which people can see the wild horses in a different way -and may actually see themselves more clearly in the process.”

~ Maria Marriott, Wild Horse Photographer


MARIA MARRIOTT is an internationally award winning photographer who has dedicated her craft to capturing the untamed beauty and plight of America's wild mustangs. Maria earned her degree in Photojournalism in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and went on to graduate from the New York Institute of Photography.


Maria's work has been featured in a variety of publications, which includes a collaboration with noted journalist Elizabeth McCall on "An Ode to Wild Horses", a photo essay for the publication "Calling All Horse Girls."

Her mesmerizing images celebrates the grace, wild spirit, and strength of American wild horses in their natural habitat and enter a hidden world that few have experienced. Her intimate, minimalistic style, and use of light and movement in her wild horse photography evoke a sense of emotion and awe in the viewer for the American wild horses.


Maria's  wild horse art collections have been recognized for their emotional impact and intimate portrayal of these iconic creatures. Through her fine art photography, she aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by wild mustangs and supports several non-profit organizations working towards their conservation.


MADE IN BRAZIL, established in the USA. A camera loaded with film and a guest bathroom transformed into a dark room were all I needed growing up. The nature surrounding the city, the mystery of the ocean, and the sovereignty of the mountains became my escape from the hectic life in Rio de Janeiro.


From early on my lens searched for the beauty, emotion, and spirit of people and nature. Photojournalism assignments challenged me to create a language in visual story telling, which felt more natural to me than writing.


My love for horses led me to a years-long project tracking and photographing American mustangs throughout the West. In the heart of the American wilderness, I found my muse. Spending countless hours with wild horses, observing their dynamics and behavior, revealed to me a (hidden) world that most people don’t realize exists. 


I am compelled to use my skill as a wild horse photographer to share with you what I have seen and to bring awareness to the issues faced by the American mustangs - the ever present threat to their safety and freedom. Wild horse fine art photography has become for me a means of storytelling, advocacy, and preservation. As I travel the untamed landscapes of the American West, capturing the grace and beauty of wild mustangs, I hope to instill in others the same sense of wonder and respect for these magnificent creatures and the beautiful creation all around us. 


Each person views a photograph from their own unique perspective and emotions, triggered by our own life experiences. My hope is that my work will invite you to wonder, imagine, dream and smile... That you will be inspired to get out and experience the beauty that is the American Wild.


So, please join with me in preserving the legacy of America's wild horses, ensuring that they remain forever wild and free.


Signature of wild horse photographer Maria Marriott


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