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Throughout the years, Maria Marriott has received several international awards and honors for her wild horse photography and equine portrait  work.

a wild horse with his mane covered in snow


px3 photography awards logo

Prix De La Photographie Paris

WYOMING WILD  |   Series  |  Honorable Mention

18th Spider Award Winner.png

18th Black and White Spider Awards

DESERT GRAYS   |   Honorable Mention

NUZZLE   |   Nominee

SIESTA   |   Nominee


one eyeland photography award logo

One Eyeland Photography Awards

GATSBY   |   Fine Art  |  Bronze

GATSBY   |  Nature | Bronze

fine art award logo

9th Fine Art Photography Awards (2022-2023)

LONE HORSE  |   Nominee

logo of a photo competition company

Prix De La Photographie Paris

GATSBY   |   Series   |   Bronze

WITHIN DUST AND FOG  |  Series  |  Honorable Mention


prix de la photographie logo

Prix De La Photografhie Paris

SUCCULENTS |  Series  | Gold

CREMELLO DUST   |   Honorable Mention

tokio photo award competition logo

Tokio International Foto Awards

SUCCULENTS  |   Series   |   Bronze

15th Color Awards Winner seal

International Color Awards

monochrome photo award seal

Monochrome Photography Awards

budapest award winner seal

Budapest International Photo Awards

BEFORE THE STORM   |   Series   |   Honorable Mention

spider awards seal

Black and White Spider Awards

SERENE   |   Nominee


fine art photography award logo

Fine Art Photography Awards

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