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With the formal beginning  of her studio and online gallery in 2017, collectors around the world have chosen Maria Marriott’s unique photographic art to adorn their walls.

Whether working with designers, architects, art consultants, or individuals, the addition of Maria’s artwork to commercial and private spaces elicits a sense of wonder at the beauty around us.


As an international award winning fine art photographer, Maria Marriott’s artwork has been displayed in art galleries and collectors’ homes throughout the world. Her work has been featured in a variety of U.S. and international publications. The high quality of her images allows for production in large format, and she is equally at ease collaborating on traditional gallery presentation as large-scale custom works.

We have developed attractive trade pricing for our Designer & Consultant Program that allows you the flexibility to bid on residential, large-scale, or commercial design projects. We are committed to making your project a success and believe that we succeed when you and your clients succeed.

Key to your success is our studio’s ability to collaborate on projects in almost any medium (fine art paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, and more…) and the flexibility to meet your clients’ exacting demands. Most works can be produced in our studio and we adhere to an extreme flexibility to meet your clients’ needs and your timeframes. We also have cultivated relationships with the best printers and framers throughout the country so that virtually any custom request can be accommodated. In short, if you request it, we will find a way to do it.

We are a full-service studio dedicated to your success and your clients’ delight. For any project, large or small, we are happy to consult, or engage our network of consultants, on placement, selection, image pairings and themes, and framing. Upon request, we will provide mock-ups to visualize how the selected pieces will look in the client’s actual space.


"Made in Brazil. Established in the US. A camera loaded with film and a guest bathroom transformed into a dark room were all I needed growing up. The nature surrounding the city, the mystery of the ocean and the sovereignty of the mountains, became my escape from the hectic life of Rio de Janeiro. From early on, my lens searched for the beauty, emotion, and spirit of people and nature."

Some residential clients have chosen two or three images to enhance their homes. Others have chosen to decorate their entire homes around Maria’s artwork. The intimate and minimalistic approach Maria brings to her artwork and subjects introduces a quiet sophistication to her collectors’ homes.

Restaurants, hotels, high end boutiques, professional office buildings - Maria’s artwork takes viewers to a different world, seen through a unique lens, evoking imagination. These large scale pieces make a statement, inviting others to see the world from another perspective.

How a piece is displayed is often as important as the subject itself. We work closely with the best framers to implement standard and custom solutions to enhance the artwork, presenting it in its best light. From standard gallery framing to large scale wood or metal framing, we are able to find solutions and help arrange the logistics.

All artwork is hand-signed. Limited edition prints are numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Maria’s exacting standards permit only museum quality, archival production. Her paper selection and 200-year ink ensure the longest life and maximum enjoyment for every work.




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