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Wild Horse Fine Art Photography:
The Raw Beauty of Wild Horses

Through faithful dedication to her craft and passion for horses, Maria Marriott brings the spirit of the American wild to your surroundings. Her wild horse photography transports viewers to the wide-open landscapes where American wild horses roam free.


One of Maria's distinctive approaches is her unique black-and-white photography. This monochromatic aesthetic adds a timeless and dramatic quality to her work, emphasizing the complex details and textures of the horses' forms and the surrounding landscapes. The result is a collection of evocative images that ignite the imagination.


Explore galleries that feature a spellbinding collection of wild horse photography, capturing these majestic creatures in their element – wide-open spaces, intense gazes, free-flowing manes, and graceful movements, revealing the untamed freedom of the wild.


Every wild horse image is carefully curated to wake emotions and transport you to the public lands where the mustangs roam. From  intimate wild horse portraits to dynamic action shots, discover wild horse photography that captures the magnificent spirit of these  animals.


Bring the soulful presence of wild horses into your life with Maria’s wild horse artwork, a homage to the mystique and indomitable spirit of wild mustangs.


TO THE EAST OF CODY, WY lies an area of great natural beauty. It's a land of rugged landscapes; snow-capped peaks, the impenetrable badlands, lofty buttes, offset by lush meadows and streams. 

In this natural habitat lives an
 equally rugged and impressive herd of mustangs -the McCullough Peaks wild horses.

a black horse against a white backgroud
Mystique Web.jpg


DISCOVER THE RAW BEAUTY of American wild horses uniquely interpreted through Maria’s intimate and minimalistic style. Her choice of a black and white color palette, and the use of a limited number of composition elements in her wild horse images, draws the viewer’s attention to the core of her work - the emotion each image evokes.

RUGGED DESERT PLAINS, a thick blanket of dust, and deeply rutted trails wind through hundreds of square miles leading to the base of mountains. It is in these inhospitable surroundings that we discover the wild horses...untamed, true symbols of strength and freedom.

a gray scale photo of a horse standing on a ridge
a cream color horse shaking his head with dust

The fusion of fine art and wild horse photography produces an unforgettable blend of raw beauty and emotion. At the heart of this artistic marriage lies the allure of wild horses, symbolizing beauty, power and freedom.

THE STARK CONTRAST and the absence of detail of silhouettes leave the viewer a wide open door for imagination.

a shilhouette of a horse grazing with a small cloud over him
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