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The Legend Of The White Horse

white wild horse

Majesty is described as “impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty.” His eyes were intense and his head held up high. His demeanor commanded respect. Standing still, he offered the gift of his precious time.

The white horse has been a frequent figure of fascination and awe in literature, folklore, and art since ancient times, spanning many different genres of literature and art.

The Legend of the White Stallion is an ancient story that has been passed down through generations. According to the legend, if one were to (against all odds) find and ride this mythical creature, they would be granted great power and success. In some re-tellings, the white stallion is believed to be a symbol of freedom, courage, strength, and purity - as well as a sign of hope in times of difficulty.

This legend has been a part of human history for centuries and the white horse has been featured in mythology, folklore and literature around the world. From the Celtic legend of the white stallion to the Native American story of White Horse, this creature has become a powerful symbol and has inspired large bodies of work.

The American Spirit

The white stallion can also be seen as a representation of the American spirit – with its relentless pursuit of freedom and justice. It has been featured in many classic works of literature such as Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Jack London's Call Of The Wild. A symbol of the heroic journey each of us must take to reach our goals.

The stallion “Tango” is dear to my heart. The featured photograph is one of my most popular pieces as it represents many aspects of the Legend of the White Stallion. In the image, this incredible wild mustang of the Virginia Range of Nevada displays a powerful look of strength, courage, and determination - an inspiration to many.


wild horse fine art photographer maria marriott


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wild horse photographer Maria Marriott

An equestrian for most of her life, award winning photographer Maria Marriott combines her passion for horses with her art and the desire to bring public awareness to the American mustangs and the healing power of horses. Maria Marriott Photography is a proud supporter of non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of the American wild horses and promote healing through equine therapy.



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