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"...When he folds me into his arms and I can let out a sigh of relief knowing I'm safe..."

As I slowly took a few steps forward, she moved behind her lead stallion seeking assurance and protection. Her wary eye followed my every move, ready to bolt in another direction if she perceived any danger.

This beautiful mare, her protective stallion and the rest of the band roam the shores of Washoe Lake, Nevada. The state of Nevada alone is the home of 50% of the entire wild horse population in the United States. It's very common to spot wild mustangs in the hills while driving through the state.

As the mare moved behind her stallion seeking his protection, I couldn't help but think of the efforts of the many organizations who work tirelessly on behalf of the American mustangs.

A wild mare stands behind her lead stallion for protection.
A wild mare from Nevada seeks protection from his lead stallion

I'm proud to stand beside the American Wild Horse Campaign, which works to keep the mustangs safe and free in their natural habitat, and Sweetbeau Horses, which rescues and trains mustangs with the goal of placing them in forever homes. I'm honored to say that several of my wild horse photography has been donated to several silent auctions to benefit the mustangs.

Wild horse photographer Maria Marriott carries her camera gear down a hill at the Nevada range.

An equestrian for most of her life, Maria combines her passion for horses with her art and the desire to bring public awareness to the American wild horses. Maria Marriott Photography is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of the American mustangs.


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