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WY Wild Horses: Telling Their Stories Through Wild Horse Photography - "Courtship"

In Spring of 2023, I returned to Northern Wyoming to visit, once again, most likely my favorite wild horse herd to photograph - the McCullough Peaks wild horses. Each of my visits to this range have brought me different surprises - new twists and experiences I wouldn’t have expected, and some much cherished wild horse photography.

While one of those visits was characterized largely by the snowstorm that blanketed the range in magical white, another challenging visit was spent navigating thick mud pits and sudden onslaughts of rain.

The 2023 trip ended up having it’s own share of memorable moments, this time because of making4 wonderful friends and very extended periods being able to follow and observe the herd.

I’ve found that the best images come as the result of “living” with the herd - walking with them as they migrate across the range until finding yourself well over a mile from the Jeep, which at that point, is often no longer visible - slowly moving with the wild horses and taking the moment to enjoy the beauty surrounding us when the herd stops for a much needed nap.

The Stories Begin To Play Out

As the mustangs become more comfortable with your presence realizing you’re not a threat, they start to relax. Observing them over periods of time in their element and watching their natural behaviors allow the stories to begin to play out. 

If you are patient enough to wait and watch, countless stories will unfold: mares teaching their young foals; young bachelors playing together apart from their bands, practicing skills they will need to eventually protect their future families; bachelor stallions stalking a band for weeks attempting to gain a mate; band stallions being fierce protectors and caring fathers.

But being able to observe the intimacy of a stallion courting his lead mare is especially touching.


In my newest release, “Courtship”, the gradual curve and powerful lines of the wild stallion's outstretched neck gently leading to his mate, combined with the waves of his mane in the desert breeze cascading onto his face as he softly seduces her, make this emotional capture one of my favorites.

wild horse stretches his neck close to a female horse

"Courtship" is part of the "In Living Color" collection, now available in our online gallery.

wild horse photo hanging over a couple's bed

Wild Horse Artwork

Wild horse photography has become for me a means of storytelling, advocacy, and preservation. As a horse photographer, traveling the untamed landscapes of the American West, capturing the grace and beauty of wild mustangs, I wish to instill in others the same sense of wonder and respect for these magnificent creatures and the beautiful creation all around us.


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