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Preserving the Legacy of America’s Wild Horses: The Power of Wild Horse Fine Art Photography

gray scale image an American wild horse
Photo Credit: Maria Marriott

"Horse thou art truly a creature, for thou fliest without wings and conquorest without sword.” - Author Unknown

Capturing the Spirit of Freedom: An Introduction

As a professional photographer with a deep-rooted passion for horses, my journey into the world of wild horse fine art photography has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

My name is Maria Marriott, and I use my lens to help preserve the legacy of America’s horses, particularly the magnificent wild mustangs that roam our country's rugged landscapes.

Join me on this visual voyage as we explore the profound impact wild horse fine art photography can make and its role in raising awareness about the challenges faced by these remarkable creatures.

gray scale image of a female photographer standing near some horses in the field

The Artistry of Wild Horse Fine Art Photography

It is with purpose that I refer to my work as “images” rather than “photographs”. While my medium is photography, my standard is that each image is transformative. Beyond presenting these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, I strive for my images to portray them in a different way, revealing their raw essence and provoking an emotional reaction in the viewer.

I feel compelled to convey the untold stories of wild horses, to create images that resonate with the viewer, and to sketch the connection between mustangs and the American identity, creating empathy with them.

a horse standing on a grassy field

Unraveling the Legacy: America’s Horses

Horses have played an indispensable role in shaping the history of America. From aiding exploration and settlement to being steadfast companions in both war and peace, the imprints of their hooves are all over the fabric of our nation.

Wild mustangs are descendants of the horses brought to North America by Spanish settlers, those that once galloped across the open plains with indigenous tribes, and those that were used by pioneers as they settled the West. Actually, the history of the horse in North America goes back much further than that, as evidenced by the early horse fossils found in Wyoming (and elsewhere).

Preserving their legacy is paramount, and wild horse fine art photography allows us to both memorialize their contribution to the history of our nation and to celebrate their indomitable spirit, which symbolizes freedom.

The Intimate Connection: Artistic Vision Meets Advocacy

Beyond conveying the striking beauty of America’s mustangs, as portrayed through wild horse fine art photography and other artwork, there lies a deeper purpose to my efforts. Through my wild horse art, each image becomes a platform to advocate for maintaining their freedom.

Every image captured, from the intimate close-up to the sweeping landscape, serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between humanity and nature. There are complex issues involved and the solutions are not easy. We must get this balance right, especially on our public lands!

Through my lens, I seek to foster an appreciation for the untamed wilderness and the beauty of the American wild horses, believing that the most persuasive form of advocacy can come through art.

gray scale image of horses on a rugged landscape
Photo Credit: Maria Marriott

A Collection of Reflections: Making an Impression

Throughout my journey, following and photographing wild mustangs in most of the western states, I have amassed an extensive collection of wild horse fine art images.

Each image is a window into the lives of the mustangs—a testament to their resilience and survival, and an appeal for their protection. I take pride in creating the minimalistic yet emotionally charged compositions that define my work.

The stories told through my images, are meant to transcend time by taking the viewer to a simpler time and place, and to effect change by leaving an indelible impression.

Beyond the Frame: Making an Impact

Art has the power to effect change and my passion for wild horse fine art photography has led me to contribute actively to the cause of preserving America's wild mustangs.

gray scale image of a horse’s mane covered in snow

A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare and conservation of these extraordinary creatures. It is my hope that by combining art and advocacy, we can create a wave of compassion and understanding that will ensure the protection of wild horses for generations to come.

Preservation in Print: Museum Quality Standards

The preservation of the legacy of American wild horses through wild horse fine art extends beyond the creative process; the medium of presentation is also important. Each of my limited edition images is carefully reproduced using museum-quality standards, employing archival fine art paper and ink. Alternatively, we also create stunning metal pieces through dye sublimation on aluminum. This commitment to excellence ensures that the images endure, just as we desire the legacy of America's wild horses to be preserved for generations.

Become A Part of My Journey of Preservation and Empathy!

Wild horse fine art photography has become for me a means of storytelling, advocacy, and preservation.

As I travel the untamed landscapes of the American West, capturing the grace and beauty of wild mustangs, I hope to instill in others the same sense of wonder and respect for these magnificent creatures and the beautiful creation all around us.

So, reach out to me online and together, through art, let’s preserve the legacy of America's wild horses, ensuring that they remain forever free and wild.


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