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two wild horses


“There is a strong connection between wild horses
and the American identity. As I travel the Western states tracking and photographing the American mustangs, my aim is to create artwork

and tell the stories that evoke that connection.
To this end, there is a sense of both the real and the mythological in my images. Visual narratives through which people can see the wild horses in a different way

- and may actually see themselves more clearly in the process.”

~ Maria Marriott, Wild Horse Photographer

herd of wild horses against snow capped mountains


"Maria's work evokes such a huge emotional response from people when they see it. The compositions and technique are phenomenal.
But the actual personification of human emotions
that her shots capture are universal and go right to the heart." 
- Sara Robertson, JBGallery

wild horse photography


A HORSE LOVER and an equestrian for most of her life, award-winning horse photographer Maria Marriott

combines her passion for horses with the art of photography.

Known for her unique approach to equine photography and fine art, Maria’s artwork adorns homes around the world.

Intimate and simple compositions, and creative use of a black and white palette, focus viewers on the core

elements of Maria’s work - compelling visual stories and emotions.


Explore Maria's collections of wild horse photography that celebrate the raw beauty, grace, and strength of

America’s wild horses in their natural habitat - and enter a hidden world that few have experienced.

wild horse photographer maria marriott


IMAGINE STANDING on the top of a small mountain, overlooking a vast expanse of American wilderness, a largely dry plain with the occasional water hole in the distance. You see a series of small dots on the horizon, which could be rocks, bushes, or cattle.

But lifting your binoculars, you see

a herd of mustangs.

Follow Maria's journey as she shares her experiences in the wild and the

creation of her wild horse photography.

wild horse photographer maria marriott
roan wild horse


THROUGH HER LENS, Maria seeks to foster an appreciation for the untamed wilderness and the beauty of the American wild horses, believing that the most persuasive form of advocacy can come through art.

Maria Marriott Photography is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of the American wild horses.

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