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Bringing Wild Horse Art To Your Home: How To Do It With Confidence

"Wild horse art, with its remarkable ability to transport us to a bygone era, serves as a captivating window into the

rich tapestry of the American past."

- Maria Marriott

Tango Installation, California

Choosing art for one’s home or office is typically not a task approached with a lot of confidence. In fact, it is something done so infrequently that many people put it off or avoid it altogether. Some take advantage of the services of designers or art consultants to help with selecting the right art and treatment. 

It's because selecting art is such a subjective undertaking, that some of us prefer to do it ourselves.

Last year, we started offering a special complimentary service for my collectors (and future collectors) in order for them to see how my art looks in their homes and feel confident about their choices. It's a low-risk way to visualize how wild horse art will combine with the other design elements in a given space.

To have a custom mockup created for you, the first step is to contact me to let me know which images from our online gallery you enjoy. I will then ask you a few questions to help determine what type of medium (fine art paper, dye sublimation, canvas) will best compliment the space where you're thinking of installing the pieces. I’ll also ask you to send me a few photos (cell photos are fine) of the space where you want the artwork placed along with a few measurements.

Using those photos, I will prepare a realistic picture of the wild horse art pieces you select in the spaces you specify. This allows you to get a sense not only of how the pieces will look, but also of the relative sizes that will work best.

a large wild horse art pice hanging on a wall

Blue's Band Installation, Utah

This is a complimentary service. There is no obligation on your part, although we believe that, once you see the wild on your walls, you will be amazed with how nice it looks.

Please contact me directly via email or my website so we can start working on your mockup.

About Maria Marriott

horse photographer maria marriott signing one of her prints

Maria's work has been recognized for its emotional impact and intimate portrayal of wild horses. She works closely with several non-profit organizations focused on the benefits of equine therapy and preservation of the mustangs on our Western lands.


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