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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."


So true from Pablo Picasso.

Last month my "Cremello Dust" (color) wild horse photograph won an Honorable Mention in the PX3: The Prix of de la Photographie Paris competition. To say I was excited to be recognized amongst these amazing photographers is an understatement. But even more so, knowing that jurors from all over the world looked at this wild horse warmed my heart.

On another note...

I would like to introduce you to an amazing organization I came to know this year - Sweetbeau Horses. This non profit is dedicated to saving and training American wild mustangs who have been captured and finding forever homes for them.

I met Michael and Patricia Soffel while photographing a Liberty clinic at their ranch. What an amazing facility and incredible visit. I got to learn from Michael about the program, watch a training session, and listen to Patricia share her heart as she introduced me to some of their mustangs.

Wild horse Ghost and his trainer Ivy.
Wild stallion "Ghost" with Sweetbeau trainer, Ivy.

Sweetbeau just announced their commitment to rescue 8 Onaqui mustangs from the feed lot. If you know anything about horses, you understand this is no easy task. An incredible amount of time, patience persistence, and money goes into this program.

I have committed to personally sponsor one of the 8 lucky ones who will be calling Sweetbeau home soon.

If you would like to help, you can reach out to me and/or Michael and Patricia. I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

With Gratitude,


Wild horse, equine photographer Maria Marriott. Black and white wild horse photography. Horse photography

An equestrian for most of her life, Maria combines her passion for horses with her art and the desire to bring public awareness to the American wild horses. Maria Marriott Photography is a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of the American mustangs.


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