The Happiest Place on Earth

Updated: Feb 16

It was hot and beautiful. It was time to celebrate the ones who got a second chance. Once again free, the healing has started and now they search their way back to normality. Time will show us how amazing these creatures are and, once again, they will teach us...

This is Oreo, the only black and white pinto wild stallion of the north heard of Onaqui wild horses. The gray stallion is Shaikh, a feisty stud who reminds me of my favorite Pine Nut stallion, Onyx - persistency and resilience are their middle and last names.

Oreo had just been released to the range and already acquired 4 mares. Shaikh is a mustang bachelor and wants those mares...By the second day after the release, Oreo had made his way back to the group of mustangs that had not been removed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.)

From the time of their encounter, these two were fighting. Non stop. Oreo has always been a super alert stallion, assertive and strong. The gray was determined and not giving up. By the time I left the Onaqui range of Utah , the pinto stallion was still holding his fort but definitely beat up.

Scenarios like this are the norm, with wild stallions doing what stallions do - protecting their bands - and bachelors hoping to build a family. With the wild horse round up, bands were broken and released mares are now "anyone's game." There is extra tension and it will take some time for things to settle a bit. I can't wait to go back and watch the new norm.

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