Rugged desert plains, a thick blanket of dust, and deeply rutted trails wind through hundreds of square miles leading to the base of mountains. It is in these inhospitable surroundings that we discover them...untamed, true symbols of strength and freedom. 


This is the Onaqui Wild, and ongoing collection of these gorgeous mustangs roaming in the Great Basin Desert of Utah. 

Beyond The Mountains Web.jpg
Cremello Dust Color.jpg

Be it the glow of a sunrise or the yellow mane of a legendary stallion, color played a major role in these images.


Color is an ongoing collection.

The stark contrast and the absence of detail of silhouettes leave the viewer a wide open door for imagination.

Silhouettes is an ongoing collection.


An open edition collection of special images from different locations printed on the same museum quality fine art paper as our Limited Edition collections.


Smaller 8"x12" size print available for easy framing. 

Open Edition is an ongoing collection.